What’s in a name? Apparently everything.

Bear Films brings us their latest flick, Stuffing Phil Mehup, and it’s exactly that. Claudio White, Phil, and new cummer Leo go at it with plenty of hot carnal action. You’ll get lost in the whirlwind of flesh and fur! You can totally tell these men LOVE to have sex. They’ll do what it takes to please their partners.

The scene starts with some steamy kissing and sucking, then quickly moves to teasing Phil’s hole before the two other men fuck Phil long and hard. Seeing Phil’s ass lips cling on to hard cocks as he’s fucked will leave you watching this film over and over again. Giant balls slapping up against Phil’s ass was driving me nuts, literally! My body almost couldn’t take the sensation, and I was on the opposite side of the computer screen!

The appetite that these three have for cock is insatiable. Claudio is a sex slave pup has been well trained in giving up his ass to any man who wants it. But also in satisfying the hungry hole of any cock pig who needs it. The men are in perpetual motion in their quest to get off.

The visuals in this film are so stimulating. Between the big, beautiful, hairy bodies, the tattoos, the bearded bears, and of course the sexual acts themselves, my eyes were glued to the screen and my hand was glued to my cock.

I may have lost track of who was doing what to whom in this scene with all three amazingly hot, hairy and horny bareback fuckers. But you never lose track of Phil, who’s in the (middle) and starring role as the spit roasted piggy and recipient of this whirlwind of flesh and fur.  He takes it like a champ and is handsomely rewarded with the other two men’s giant loads.

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